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Infinity Pool

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Infinity Pool is a horny, horrifying look at ego and self-indulgence based on self-doubt and failure. The film follows novelist James Foster (Alexander Skarsgard) as he is mesmerized by Gabi (Mia Goth) resulting in a stained week of violence and debauchery.

The plot is a story of two halves, the first being incredibly strong as the audience is learning the mystery behind the experiments, guests and their past. Viewers can resonate a ton with Foster’s wife as she is constantly neglected and misused by her husband. That is ever apparent in the shot selection as she is constantly out of frame or unfocused. This part really worked for me, but as the story progressed the scope grew too large for its own good. The ending becomes unfocused, resulting in aspects that do not make sense or are incredibly unbelievable in the world that the film has set up.

The film has fantastic cinematography though, filled with interesting visuals that create for a very unique and chaotic viewing experience. Every shot is calculated and filmed in an interesting way that creates suspense and uncomfortable feelings.

The performances are superb, Mia Goth has found her niche in the “elevated” horror genre becoming a modern-day scream queen. Although, after X, Pearl, and now Infinity Pool, I would like to see her do some more diverse work, but she has nailed this type of character. Alexander Skarsgard is also great with some emotionally engrossing scenes mixed with cold, emotionless scenes that create an interesting dichotomy for the characters headspace.

Although the film slightly stumbles towards the end and might have a bit of a bloated run time, there is still a ton to enjoy with a creative story, mind bending cinematography, and powerhouse performances.